Saridon: A Better Pain Killer than Paracetamol



Medical terms and names of medicines are often difficult to pronounce, and a lot of people do not bother knowing them unless they are written in a prescription paper or typed in a medical report. And as even doctors can’t remember them all and have to consult books from time to time, why should the average person even bother trying? The mentality is, when you’re sick; know what ails you, what your treatment options are, what you need to do, and what you need to stay away from. And that makes up the average person’s stint into the medical world. But the exceptions are for those common ailments that may befall the individual regularly—ailments such as a fever, a cough, or a cold. Many have probably mastered the kind of over-the-counter drugs that would treat them.

For fevers and other minor pains, paracetamol is the medicine that a lot of people turn to. It is the most well-known over-the-counter drug, yet it is often taken for granted. For instance, many people know that it’s an effective drug for the previously mentioned maladies, but they don’t know it’s also a pretty popular ingredient in many other drugs. It is, in fact, an ingredient of the noted headache medicine Saridon.

Saridon is a pain reliever that mostly targets persistent headaches. It can also relieve other minor aches such as dental pains, postoperative pain, and even those that accompany fevers. This medicine is famous for the reformulation that has arguably made it the most ideal pain reliever in the market today. Each tablet of Saridon contains the following ingredients: 250 mg of paracetamol, 50 mg of caffeine, and 150 mg of propyphenazone. Caffeine is a popular ingredient for drugs that offer a no-drowse reaction.

The story of the paracetamol on the tablet is interesting when one considers what it was paired with and how the combination created the ideal headache reliever. Paractemol has always been known to be an effective pain reliever—long lasting too. There was only one catch: it has a slow onset. Then came propyphenazone. It also had pain-relieving qualities, but it was found out that it provided relief at a much shorter period than paracetamol. It had one edge, though: it had a significantly faster onset. And so these two chemical properties were combined, and Saridon was born: the brand known to provide pain relief in as fast as fifteen minutes.

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Penetrating Penetration testing



What is Penetration Testing?


Penetration Testing is the professional term for a type of security testing. In this type of test, a team of security experts tries to breach your company’s online and physical perimeters pci compliance. Since more and more companies have heavily integrated Information Technology into their businesses, there is an increased threat of attack from people intent on stealing that information.


This type of approved attempts at testing your company’s security measures is sometimes known as Ethical Hacking. It is ethical because you have given the Penetration Testing company permission to attempt to ‘hack’ your security systems.


The Purpose of Penetration Testing


Penetration Testing is an ethical way of assessing the potential vulnerabilities in your information security structure. The purpose of a Penetration Test is to determine these vulnerabilities so that you can better defend against all forms of attack.


What does Penetration Testing Involve?


Penetration testing involves identifying the weaknesses in your information networks. Traditionally, hackers are a few steps ahead of most network professionals in their knowledge of network weaknesses, so companies that ethically perform your Penetration Testing use the same techniques, tools and tricks that real hackers might use to breach your security.